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Eagerly waiting for your dream car to get delivered makes you count days for the moment, sleepless night is what makes us feel. Sometimes many factors affect delay in delivery of the car to the customer like unavailability of the model, high demand for the car, low production. This year all the car manufactures are facing the same, due to shortage of Semiconductor has made the production volume down. This serves in high waiting period. Today we will see top 10 cars in India which have great demand but due to low production capacity the waiting period has gone upto 1 year. 

1. Mahindra Thar

Thar was launched in India on October 2020, Mahindra had launched this car at very aggressive pricing which pulled many car enthusiasts, the 2nd gen Thar is made for both lifestyle commute and for those who take their car off-road. This resulted in bookings of 80k till now. The demand for Thar has gone up and the waiting period has reached upto 1 year. Mahindra is trying its best to cope up with the demand. 

2. Hyundai Creta

Launched in March 2020, Hyundai launched its 2nd gen Creta. We know how the 1st gen Creta built its image in the mid size SUV market. Creta name itself was a brand, that image is been continued by the new Creta, with sales number of 11k-12k per month is unbeatable. But this demand has negatively affected the waiting period. Upto 9-10 months is what Creta is asking to wait for. The demand was so high for the base variant, which later Hyundai decided to hike its price and later discontinue it to cope up with demand.   

3. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

The family car which got a 3nd gen model in Nov 2018, the new design, features and updates attracted the MPV lovers. There is  no proper competition to the Ertiga. The sales of the new Ertiga are still going up, it is best know for providing good space, mileage and comfort to its passengers, the demand for Ertiga tour M is also high till today. The demand for CNG model is higher than the Petrol model due to high fuel prices. CNG demands waiting upto 9 months and Petrol model asks 4-5 months of waiting. 

4. Nissan Magnite

One of the best compact SUV launched in India by Nissan in December 2020. Great features at much better price is what Magnite offered. Magnite is the product which gave a hope for Nissan to survive in the Indian car market. Magnite is well built, Nissan has used the space well which resulted in good comfort. The car is asking the customers to wait for 8 months. Nissan has increased its production capacity and Nissan is trying its best to cope with the demand. 

5. Mahindra XUV 700

Second Mahindra in the list the XUV 700, Mahindra launched this car in August 2021 at a jaw dropping price. The aggressive pricing shake the mid size SUV segment. This pricing has attracted the customers who were planning to buy Creta or Seltos. This has created a buzz and high waiting period. Mahindra has received bookings upto 6k-70k till date which is a lot. XUV 700 demands waiting period of 7 months and we expect it will increase by the time. Semiconductor shortage is affected Mahindra too and they are trying their best to supply cars. 

6. Tata Nexon

One of the best compact SUV for the buck. Safest SUV after XUV 300 and offers many powertrain options. Nexon was launched back in September 2017, later Tata gave it a facelift version which attracted a lot of customers. This created a lot of demand for Nexon in the country, Tata is also been affected by semiconductor shortage. The diesel and petrol model demand 5 months of waiting period and electric model upto 1-2 months. 

7. Tata Punch

Launched one month ago and has created great demand among car buyers. Tata has packed many features, safety which has made it safest car of India made Tata to give a big Punch to its competitors. The demand is mostly for the base variants, which provide a value for the buck. Just launched one month ago has made Punch customers to wait for 4 months. 

8. Kia Seltos

The sibling of Hyundai Creta, which shares same platform and features. The demand of Seltos was high until Creta launch. But the demand for Seltos is just shifted to Creta but their are customers who are not willing to wait for 8-9 months for Creta, those customer have shifted to Seltos. Seltos waiting period is upto 5 months.

9. Kia Sonet

Another car from Kia is selling like hot cake, Kia launched its compact SUV in 2020 which offered first in segment features and was most selling compact SUV until Brezza took over, but still this SUV has its fans and willing to wait for 5 months. Yes Sonet has waiting period of 5 months for some of its variants. Other variants have minimum of 3 months waiting period. 

10. Renault Kiger

Just like the Nissan Magnite, Kiger has gained popularity. It is similar to its sibling Magnite, it shares same platform, engine and features. Only difference is Brand and design. Kiger was launched after Magnite, it is gaining customers in a good pace because people believe in Renault network and their service. Kiger demands waiting period upto 4 months.

Buying a hot selling car can is heart paining because of waiting period, it is suggested to book your favorite car much earlier to get your hands on your dream car. 

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