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Hybrid cars are getting well in economical manner, they enhance and engine's performance and give better fuel economy too. Maruti Suzuki have been providing mild hybrid cars. Hybrid cars do pack a battery which gives electrical assistance to the engine, give extra torque and improve fuel economy.

Now Honda has announced that they will launch Hybrid Honda City by 2023 in India. Rajesh Goel, Vice President of Honda India noted that they will launch Hybrid City between April 2022- March 2023. The fifth generation will launch with Hybrid setup somewhere within that period.

Hybrid Mileage figures:

Honda has conducted a test in Malaysia and Thailand and got fuel of 27.8kmpl and 27.7kmpl respectively. Makes the class leading fuel economy figures. Will the regular petrol engine gives mileage between 18-19kmpl on highway run. 

Engine and Transmission:

Honda will use the same 1.5L naturally aspirated petrol engine which produces 98 bhp and 200Nm of torque. The mild hybrid City will produce 109bhp and 250Nm of torque. 

The Honda City Hybrid will get only e-CVT type automatic transmission option, no manual on offer. Still have to till launch. 

The Hybrid makes City RS more quicker than non-hybrid petrol model. The regular petrol City RS does 0-100 in 10.2 sec and Hybrid City RS does 0-100 in 9.9 sec. The top speed of City RS petrol is 196kmph and Hybrid is limited to 173kmph. 

The engine is tuned in such a way that it hovers only around 2000rpm, that is were 28kmpl will be achieved and according to Honda  Honda says that about 95% of energy is saved as electricity in a hybrid as it is re-deployed to the wheels.

The Hybrid system will add 110kg more to the car as a battery will be fitted and it will also eat-up the boot space. Honda will also not provide a spare wheel as the space will be accommodated by the battery. The boot space will be 410L rather 506L on regular model. 

New Features:

The Hybrid model will add some features to the City like rear disc brakes, electronic parking brake. Some more features may be added, have to wait till launch.

Pricing and launch:

The Hybrid Honda City will be priced around 20Lakhs, it is expected prices, in the segment Ciaz is the other car which comes with mild hybrid setup, City Hybrid will join the Hybrid league. It will offer segment leading performance and whooping 28kmpl of mileage.  

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