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BMW showcased BMW iX Flow which can change the body color by Electrophoretic technology. Color is simulated by electrical signals with a touch of button. This technology will help in managing temperatures efficiently in certain conditions. BMW have collaborated with a company called E-Ink to bring up this color changing technology on their car. 

Working of this tech:
As said above that BMW took help from E-Ink to develop color changing method on their cars. E-Ink developed a Electrophoretic display which mimics the appearance of ink on paper. They look like a printed paper, tiny capsules are suspended to form a layer. Usually you can see this tech in Amazon Kindle device. 

Similar kind of color pigments are wrapped on the car. There are two types of pigments, negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. This pigments trigger and simulate by electric signals, driver can change color between white and black only and no power is needed to hold a particular color. The wraps are divided into segments and this segments are connected electrically. The wrap contains millions of capsules and change color based upon user's need, electric current is passed through these capsules and that helps white or black pigments to spread throughout the surface. 

What are the advantages?

Not only you can show off this color changing trick to your neighbors but this will help you in certain climate. In summer you can keep your car color to white so that car doesn't absorb heat and heat up the cabin. In winters you can keep it to black so that it absorbs heat and keep cabin warm so that you don't need to turn on heater. 
How durable is this?

BMW says that these segments are heated and baked on the body and the pigments will not get damaged every time user changes the color multiple times. BMW says that repairing this tech is not a big issue, it can be easily replaced or repaired. 

When will it come to market?
BMW showcased this as a concept and they have not declared when it will be available as production ready model. BMW says it is first try they have done and they are hoping it will make to production quickly. BMW will also try to implement this technology in other parts of the car, like the interior. Imagine changing the color of the dashboard, what you guys think about this technology?

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