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Tata Sierra is making a comeback and Tata is planning to 
use the Sierra branding for their EV lineup. Tata have planned to launch 10-12 Electric vehicles in the next five years or so. Tata Sierra will be among them. Sierra was a first ever SUV built by Tata. 

Tata Sierra short flashback:

First ever 3 door 4WD SUV built by Tata in 1991 in India. Sierra was based on Telcoline pickup and built on X2 platform. Had got a 2.0L non-Turbo Diesel engine that produced 63hp and was matted with 5 speed manual gearbox. It got a Turbo Diesel engine later with 2nd gen Sierra 1998 which produced 87hp Euro 2 certified. 

Tata Sierra EV details:

Tata showcased the concept version of Sierra EV at Auto Expo 2020. The concept design was close to the Sierra 1991, Tata will carry the same design in the final model too. Sierra will be based on Sigma platform which is based on ALFA platform on which most of Tata cars are been built. Tata has engineered such that it is well optimized for battery operated vehicles by removing transmission tunnel, fuel tank and much more. The platform is totally for future electric vehicles, Nexon is not built on this platform though. It is built on ICE EV platform. Sierra will be first car to be built on Sigma EV platform until then other EV cars launching before it will be built on ICE EV platform. Tata will build 5 door version and not 3 door which was launched back in 1991. 

Tata has started development of Sierra EV but the launch will not happen anytime soon. Tata has planned to launch Sierra EV in 2025. If everything goes well then Tata may launch it earlier too. 

Will Sierra come with Diesel/Petrol powertrain?
Answer is No, Tata Sierra back then had Diesel engine but Tata has no plans to launch it with Petrol/Diesel engine and it makes sense. As we expect Tata will launch Sierra in 2025 and at that time Electric would be in trend and it makes no sense to reveal Sierra with Diesel engine before 2025 as Tata already has Safari and Harrier. 

Tata is re-introducing iconic cars with new innovations and technologies. Tata had really good cars back in 90s which were popular among people back them. Still some people own cars among those like Sierra, old Safari and Sumo are still visible on roads. What you think about Tata's re-introducing names of their old cars in new form. Tata did re-introduce Safari in 2021 in new form and Tata may also do it with Sumo in future. What you guys think?

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