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It hurts when our car gets scratches on its body/paint, it does right? Getting it for high quality re-paint is bit of task, but you can protect your car from scratches and dust after buying new car. There are various techniques to prevent scratches, swirl marks, bird pop, etc. tend to damage the original paint. We can prevent all this with paint protection, we will list all the paint protection methods which will help your car paint gloss to survive for at least next 5-10 years.

PPF & Matte PPF:

PPF stands for paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane film which is applied on the car's paint to prevent from dust, scratches, swirl marks. This film is a transparent wrap which is applied on the metal parts of the car. PPF is one of best paint protection you can give for your car. 

The process from cleaning the car completely to remove dust, mud stains, then polishing and claying this done to remove the minor scratches, swirl marks which are usually not visible to naked eye. Later PPF film is taken and adhesive chemical is been sprayed on the film and on the car. Then the film will be wrapped on the body by removing the bubbles. This process takes 1-2 days to complete as it should be done patiently. This technique is similar to how we apply a tempered glass on the phone to prevent scratches, but instead of glass, plastic membrane is used here. 

Pros of PPF:

  • Enhances the look of the car and improves glossiness.
  • Prevents scratches, swirl marks, protects from harmful chemical.
  • Invisible, hydrophobic and dust resistance*.
  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Easy to maintain the car.
  • Can resist high temperatures.

*with ceramic coating on top of PPF.

Cons of PPF:

  • Expensive.
  • Time consuming.
  • Proper research has to be done.

Removing PPF is also easy, doesn't leave any adhesive stains(unless you choose good quality PPF). PPF is expensive investment but will live long life, usually PPF can protect your car for 5-10 years but totally depends upon how owner maintains his car. 

Maintaining the car after PPF process is very easy, no need to wash the car regularly. In case of an accident, PPF of that part has to be replaced. Lot of PPF dealers apply low quality PPF at low price, that can bring lot of issues like bubbles, peeling of film automatically. So proper research is needed, always look for good quality PPF for your car. 

Matte PPF:

It is similar to the normal PPF but offers matte look for your car. Usually Matte PPF is preferred for cars with dark colors. Matte has its unique advantages, gives a standout look, easier to maintain than glossy paint. Matte hides minor scratches better than normal glossy paint. Same characteristics are observed with matte PPF too. Matte finish is attracting lot of people, as it offers different look and people can get that on glossy painted car with matte PPF. Usually matte PPF is charged 30-40k extra over normal PPF. 

Precautions than one should follow post-PPF job:

  • Washing the car after PPF installation should be avoided.
  • Use micro fiber cloth for cleaning.
  • Use good quality cleaning products.

Normal PPF can costs up to Rs 1 Lakh for a hatchback and can go up to Rs 2 Lakhs for a SUV. You can consider 20k-40k extra for Matte PPF depending on your car size. Not everyone has enough budget to get paint protection done, there are some cost effective coating options that doesn't offer protection like PPF but will help in avoiding minor scratches and can make your car hydrophobic. 

There is also a wax coating which is actually a scam, some of the car dealers offer this coating while servicing, we suggest you to avoid it immediately. They charge you 5-10k just to apply a wax on your car, BTW you can do it yourself for less than 1k. Wax coating is old style coating method that just enhances gloss for a week and doesn't offer any protection against scratches.

Ceramic coating:  

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution which is applied on the body paint. It protects from external paint, it forms a invisible layer on the body which will make the surface hydrophobic and dust proof. Ceramic coating can prevent only minor scratches, it can't offer protection like PPF though. Ceramic coat will catch scratches when deeply scratched, but some of them can be removed by rubbing and claying process. Ceramic coat car is also easy to protect maintain, easy to clean stains, prevents swirl marks, blocks UV rays, protects paint from harmful chemicals. 

Ceramic on average lasts for 2-3yrs or sometimes 5 too, totally depends upon user's maintenance. After certain period of time re-coating is required. Lot of brands sell this solution, prices differ accordingly. Usually ceramic coat costs from 15k-40k. 

Graphene coating:

Graphene coat is similar to Ceramic but has extra characteristics over it. Graphene is carbon based solution, application process is similar to Ceramic coating. Graphene coat has some advantages over ceramic like, less prone to water spotting, reduces heat absorption on the surface, long lasting. Graphene coat can last up to 10yrs if maintained well enough. Graphene coat will ask Rs 10k-15k extra over Ceramic coating. 


If you are planning to get paint protection done on your new car then it is always suggested to get it done soon after taking delivery of your dream car. Advantage of taking it soon after taking delivery will be that it will not be having much of scratches. If budget is not a problem for you then we recommend to go with PPF, it will provide highest durability and protection. But you have to do some research because lot of low quality PPF are offered in the market. Avoid Wax coating, if you have low budget then stretch your budget little bit and go with Ceramic/Graphene coating. 

We hope that we Enlighted a bit about paint protection, if you like this post then please share your thoughts in the comment section. If you have got paint protection for your car then please share your thoughts, experience for the same.   

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