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At Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2022 which is held at Las Vegas, Sony officially revealed their Vision-S SUV concept. Though Sony had showcased their first EV Vision-S back in 2020. The Vision-S SUV is a seven seater and will be launched in 2022. Sony have entered the EV market with the name Sony Mobility Inc. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that they will enter the EV market at the CES 2022. He added that "Sony is well-positioned as a creative entertainment company to redefine mobility."

Sony Mobility Inc is planning to contribute in electric mobility. So the car will be only for commercial purpose. The Vision-S was revealed back in 2020 where they confirmed that they are stepping into the Auto industry and told that they car very capable with their innovations and technology, they have promised that they will live up to their commitment. 

About Sony Vision-S:
As said Vision-S showcased back in 2020, Vision-S is sedan EV which is loaded with technology into it. It had  lots of sensors & cameras for autonomous driving feature. It is a four door sedan with coupe like design and has length of 4.8m. It is a All wheel drive car with power output of 400kW/536hp from the dual-motor which is capable of doing 0-100 in 4.8secs and 240kmph of top speed. 

The car looked similar to the Porsche Taycan and carried similar design elements. The car also packs ton of safety features Oval sensing which takes use of all the sensors and high quality cameras from Sony ofcourse that helps in autonomous driving experience. It also packs various ADAS features. Sony has used its best camera sensors in their cars that helps AI to adapt and function seamlessly

Sony Vision-S o2 SUV:

This is a 4/7 seater SUV which is bigger in terms of height and width and weight when compared to the Vision S Sedan. This car also packs dual electric motor which is capable of doing 180kph+ as top speed. The SUV comes with All wheel drive system as well just like the sedan one. 

In terms of the design the car looks like the SUV version of the Vision-S sedan. It looks similar to it but has more height, ground clearance and width. The wheelbase and length are similar to the sedan model. The interiors too are similar in terms of dashboard design and features but SUV gets white interior color scheme. 

The SUV packs all safety features and technology which are present on the sedan one. As we know how good Sony cameras are, CMOS sensors are been used in their cars. Those cameras will help the AI system in better sensitivity, will offer high dynamic range which will reduce bright areas and improve shadow intensity in low light. This features will definitely help in Autonomous system.

Sony is also superior in Audio industry and Sony will include their high quality speakers into their cars. 3-dimensional surround sound which will provide great entertainment for the passengers.

Sony cars also come up with entertainment options for rear passengers, Sony has provided dual screens behind front seats to rear passengers. Those screens will be compactible with Sony's PlayStation consoles. 

Sony Mobility Inc is ready to enter the Auto industry with lot of tech and features. Sony still has to work harder to beat the top EV companies like Tesla which is leading the EV game. Their wide network and connectivity is unbeatable till now. But many Carmakers are trying their best to beat that and Sony is one of them now. Top Tech companies like Apple and Xiaomi are trying to enter this market. More the competitors more the competition and advantage to the consumer. 

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