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Honda and Google have collaborated together to bring Google in car-connected services in future cars, They have been collaborating since 2015 and Honda started to offer Android Auto into their cars from 2016. But now they want Google to make a Android based platform for their cars which will offer Google services into the infotainment system. 

As we know how Android Auto works, user has to connect smartphone with the infotainment and the system loads a UX on the screen and allow user to use some of the vehicle optimized apps like Google Maps, Google Assistant etc. Honda is planning to offer those apps which will be integrated into the infotainment system. 

This will allow Honda customers great convenience and usability. The functions which will be added:

Navigation through Google Maps: Navigation is one of most used functionality while driving and allows the user to navigate the driver through unknown routes or help to find new places. Honda will add Google Maps to their infotainment system and will help the user to navigate, monitor live traffic, use voice controls while driving and much more.

Voice Assistant(Google Assistant): Google assistant allows user to control the functions using voice commands and that helps user to concentrate on driving and not on the screen, controlling everything through voice. Honda had introduced Alexa with the new City but it looks like Honda will use Google Assistant in future cars.

Vehicle Specific apps: As we know Android Auto provides some vehicle optimized apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, Podcasts, Google News and some more into the infotainment system. The similar experience with the new collaboration. 

Honda is planning to ship Google car services in newer models from 2nd half of 2022 in North America and slowly it will expand Globally.  



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