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Toyota and Maruti Suzuki planning to develop strong Hybrid technology which will boost fuel economy. The car to get this tech will be a mid size SUV which will rival Creta, Seltos, Astor and other mid size SUVs. Toyota and Maruti have been collaborated long back and Maruti is been sharing their cars with Toyota like Brezza and Baleno. Now jointly both have come with strong Hybrid solution under Toyota's Hum Hai Hybrid campaign. 

The campaign represents how Hybrid technology can bring down the fuel costs. Hybrid cars are fuel efficient and that will directly reduce fuel expenditures. Campaign promotes Hybrid cars and its strong presence and its future. 

Mid size SUV as efficient as Hatchback:

Toyota is been doing Hybrid in their premium cars like Vellfire and Camry, Toyota is planning the same to bring it down to mid size SUV segment now. SHEV (Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles)  will make its debut in the form of mid size SUV. 

The codename for the same is D22, it will compete against Creta, Seltos, Astor, Kushaq and other cars. Still no manufacturer has come with Hybrid solution in this segment. Toyota-Maruti will be the first one to bring Hybrid. 
For now Toyota will launch their car and later the tech will be come with Maruti Suzuki cars. 

About Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles(SHEV):

Toyota and Maruti have one of best petrol engines in their line-up which already claim best fuel economy and with Hybrid the fuel economy will improve further. Being Hybrid will also make it partial EV, where in low fuel conditions you will be able to drive the car in pure Electric mode. 

The petrol engine is paired with Nickel metal battery and electric motor which will pack tech like engine regenerative braking. The battery can recharge itself from engine or it will recharge from the engine re-generative braking tech. It is different from other plug-in Hybrid cars. The tech found here is similar to one found in Honda City Hybrid, read here

How effective SHEV is?

According to Toyota, one of the advantage is fuel efficiency. It will improve by 40-80%, test conducted by iCAT. The main aim is increase the usage of electric power, it will affect the performance and efficiency by around 90-95%(in Electric mode).

The Self-Charging Hybrid Electric technology doesn't just help the environment. It also works in total synergy to deliver a smoother, more powerful acceleration and a more responsive torque, exactly when you need it. 

This are smaller batteries which will be cost effective and maintenance also is efficient than petrol powered car. SHEV cars will cost less than the full Electric cars. The emissions are reduced by 50% with SHEV when compared with petrol cars. 

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